Death Patcher

Death Patcher
  Current Version  v.33
  File Size  3.0 MB
  Updated On  June 23, 2021
  Requires android  4.0 and up
  File Name  Death-Injector-V33.apk

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Death Patcher apk

Why are certain MOBAs so popular on the internet? Indeed, it is because of its exceptional features, gameplay, or aesthetic, as sought by players. As a consequence, several games in the combat genre have achieved their apex. One of the most well-known instances is Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB). This multiplayer battle arena is not only flexible, but it also has a large number of things. Newcomers like employing strong software to obtain premium features, such as Death Patcher.

This app will take the place of Death TV Injector. As a consequence, because their duties are so similar, you may use both of these programmes to alter the MLBB. So, go ahead and download the mind-boggling apps for free. Honestly, the Death Patcher app contains hundreds of ML skins for various characters.

In addition, the creator has mentioned his intention in the app. Also, Death Patcher is said to be a way for injecting free skins in ML for people who enjoy them. Hence, the app exhibits his inventiveness and commitment to this great online game. Surprisingly, he covers more than 60 heroes from various genres. Also, It pleases us that everyone wants their favourite team to compete in the competition.

Additionally, without a question, each ML hero has a distinct presence on the battlefield. As a result, a hero in Mobile Legends is a figure that symbolises a combatant. So far, we have 103 total characters in the Mage, Fighter, Tank, MM, Assassin, and Support categories, and any hero may be unlocked by investing Battle Points (BP), Hero Fragments, Tickets, or Diamonds. However, the cost is unreasonably expensive. As a result, because Death Patcher is a free means to get an endless number of ML outfits, we should utilise it.


Because this app provides a wide range of costumes for ML characters, descriptions for each category may be found here. Each squad consists of 10 heroes.

  • It is a completely free app.
  • 49 skins Marksman: 49 Marksman: 49 Marksman: 49 Marksman: 49 Marksman: 49 Marksman: 49 Marksman: 49 Marksman: 49 Mark
  • Also, Passwords are not required.
  • The fighter has 51 different skins.
  • The user interface is frequently simple.
  • Furthermore, there are no advertising.
  • The most recent, up-to-date version is now available.
  • Furthermore, it is a compact unit.
  • Mage has a total of 24 skins.
  • Compatible with the latest MLBB.
  • Mage has a total of 24 skins.
  • There are 24 skins available for use as support.
  • Several skins are also given up for free.
  • Assassin has 52 skins.
  • There are 26 skins in the tank.

What’s new in Death Patcher?

  • The design of the user interface has been altered.
  • The list of skins has been updated.
  • Fix any script flaws.
  • Also, there are no mistakes.
  • Skin scripts are backwards compatible with the most recent MLBB updates.

How to use Death Patcher apk?

  1. It is available for download from the above-mentioned link, so obtain it first.
  2. Then you may easily launch it.
  3. Open it now to see the options.
  4. It categorises the outfits into six groups. Choose one and then skin each of the 10 ML heroes on the list.
  5. Then, simply push to repair the flesh.
  6. Finally, there will be no more stairs or impediments in your way.


Finally, Death Patcher, like Zolaxis Patcher, is a beautiful application with powerful hacks. Also, it saves MLBB fans a lot of money by supplying them with hundreds of different sorts of free skins. It is also a safe and convenient procedure with simple principles. So take advantage of it as soon as feasible, you will be more informed and skill full in front of MLBB players.