DigiSkills LMS Apk

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DigiSkills LMS

DigiSkills stands for Digital Skills and LMS stand for Learning Management System. DigiSkills LMS mission is to train more than one million Pakistani people. It is totally free of cost. This Apk is totally focus on digital technologies where everyone can register yourself and learn latest technology. This training duration is 12 weeks. DigiSkills LMS are very professional they combined my modules in small apk. DigiSkills collaboration with Ministry of IT & Telecom, IGNITE and Virtual University.


Time Flexibility: time is flexible you can watch videos, attempt quiz and Complete exercise in given period.

Online Learning: do not need to go physically. You can learn logically from your home, office etc. any where any time you are learn.

Online Quiz’s:  You can attempt quiz on time

Online Exercise’s:  You can submit your exercise online

Download Easy: You can download DigiSkills apk from google play store.

Online Certificate: When you complete your training than DigiSkills team will provide Electronic Certificate.

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