Gaming Tegal Injector

Gaming Tegal Injector
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App InfoGaming Tegal Injector
  Current Version  v. 105
  File Size  3.1 MB
  Updated On  April 3, 2021
  Requires android  4.0 and up
  File Name  Gaming-Tegal-Injector-v106.apk

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Gaming Tegal Injector apk v.105

This growing world, the number of online gamers is increasingly rising, and Smartphone Legends has exceeded all online fighting games in success. So, Some dedicated fans are creating an increasing number of applications to help them properly control the game. As a result, Gaming Tegal Injector has arrived to delight ML fans in a new theme. It has a direct menu of all skins collected from ML heroes, as well as effect fighting and meaning hacks.

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So, In this post we’ll go over all of the functionality and keep you up to date on this wonderful app. Effect fighting is the first collection of unlocked items in the app. Both battle emotes, including spawn, eliminasi, recall, analogue, and battle emote, will be considered. In addition, there are hundreds of favorite cheats in each sub-category that can only be reached with diamonds.

Hacking in Gaming Tegal Injector

1. Battle Effect

  • More than 19 Recall Effects
  • Spawn Effects 10+.
  • Eliminasi has a 5+ impact.
  • There are over 19 Combat Emote to choose from.
  • 2+ Analog Effect

2. Background

  • The loading screen for the menu.
  • Chart built especially for you.
  • Magic Chess is a map game.

3. All Skins

The number of different heroes with available skins is described below. There will be hundreds of skins available for each character.

  • Assassin has a rating of 11+.
  • There are at least 15 Tank heroes.
  • More than 13 MM.
  • There are over 19 mage heroes.
  • Fighters aged 17 and up
  • More than 7 votes in favour.
Gaming Tegal Injector apk

Features of this app

  • There are no fees associated with this service; it is completely free.
  • MLBB substance to the max.
  • Undoing the improvements is possible due to a backup facility.
  • A password is required to access the application.
  • It is a changed and error-free tool.
  • The eye-catching user interface.

What’s New in Gaming Tegal Injector?

This app has a number of capabilities, but we’ve illustrated a couple of them here.

  • First and foremost, a recall is expected to bring your dead heroes back to life.
  • Eliminations are critical in the battle.
  • Spawns occur as animations in different positions in the game.
  • Analogue contributes to the gaming lobby’s allure.
  • Finally, the Battle Emote is a brief message that reflects the different emotions and thoughts. The second most popular form of hack is ML skins.

The uniforms of heroes of various levels can be seen in vast quantities here. As a result, you can upgrade your favorite characters’ skins and give them new powers.

Password of Gaming Tegal Injector app

You’ll still need a password to access this tool since it’s password-protected. After that, use the following password to insert any cheats into your ML game. As a result, it will turn you into a talented gamer who is crucial to the fight’s success.

Password: cekicrot


If you don’t have any money but do want to use the Mobile Legends paying features, download and install the Gaming Tegal Injector apk. Hence, you’ve heard of its impressive abilities to give war casualties an extra lift. So, these are the most often requested features by gamers, which they can only obtain by cash purchases and installing this mega injector will even help you save money on your pocketbook.