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ML Script Injector
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App InfoML Script Injector
  Current Version  v.1.0
  File Size  18.5 MB
  Updated On  April 30, 2021
  Requires android  5.0 and up
  File Name  ML-Script-Injector-v1.0.apk

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ML Script Injector apk v.1.0

The ML Script Injector is a simple but powerful way to get free MLBB hero costumes. So, what do you think of this trendy MMO? Then you can boost your skills and experience by updating the skins of your fighting avatars. This tool also has a lot of good aspects, which you will read about in this article.

In the very least, disable it and have a thorough understanding. You will certainly admire it after seeing the contributions to the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It is, without a doubt, an app that does not alter. There are several changes in ML Script Injector since it is not the first version.

Furthermore, any ML fans who have voiced their approval have already done so. So, if you’re talking about it for the first time, jump straight in and look into it. As a result, the majority of players, as well as the majority of modifying users, are from Asia.

Why ML Script Injector?

It becomes your ally when you don’t have enough in-game money to purchase gaming products. As a result, the development as a professional player continues. The following are the tool’s key characteristics. So, If you want to have any more fun, you can try Box MLBBPro 2021.

As a result, many developers have increased their user base by using their talents to create tools. It unquestionably aids the poor guys in opening costly products. Hence, using the ML Script Injector as a free resource if you’re in dire need of ML Skins.

ML Script Injector apk


  • (UI/UX) capabilities have been included.
  • We’re making more progress now.
  • Also, Errors and flaws should be addressed.
  • Vale Hero can be added to the mix.
  • New machine learning artefacts and user interface/user experience
  • In addition, the game now has new skins.
  • The user interface is pleasing to the eye.
  • The app needs a password to use.
  • Furthermore, there are no glitches in the sound skill.
  • In the near future, Skin to Skin, Emote, Rank Booster, and Recall will be announced.
  • Cable that can’t be seen Insects known as fanny bugs are a type of insect.
  • With the exception of the purple backdrop.
  • It is preferable to repair rather than function.
  • Furthermore, The stack is getting taller.
  • Lord Bug, Turtle, and Life Tower

How to use ML Script Injector?

  • To begin, download a free copy of the app.
  • Also, It’s as easy to set up as a third-party tool, requiring only the activation of Unknown Sources.
  • Then enter the password VER#3 to access the menu.
  • Many of the features are readily apparent. There are pages for Features, Updates, and Bug Fixes to begin with.
  • Finally, you can choose ML Skins for each position at the bottom, with the exception of Support.

Password of ML Script Injector

This lovely app’s password is as follows.

Password: VER#3


Before using the programme, you must read and follow the developer’s instructions. He also offers tips about how to use the app to all consumers. You must proceed with caution since using the mod applications is neither protected nor permitted. Instead, you can use the bonuses for a limited time and then uninstall it if you find a lag in your gameplay. Indeed, you will be seen by ML officials. Your game account will also be required to be deleted, either momentarily or permanently.