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App InfoNIX Injector
  Current Version  v.1.23
  File Size  4.3 MB
  Updated On  June 21, 2021
  Requires android  5.0 and up
  File Name   N.i.X-v1.23.apk

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NIX Injector apk v.1.23

Mobile Legends is a top fighting game due to its exclusive features. So, a huge number of downloadable heroes with hundreds of costumes, a 5v5 MOBA, and basic controls are only a few of its features. Furthermore, the tempting locations and colourful graphics keep the players engrossed for hours. As a result, the fan base is steadily increasing. So, as a consequence, the aim of this article is to introduce you to an injector app that controls the game. With the NIX Injector apk, it’s certainly possible.

So, can you believe that with only this Android app, you can build 356 ML skins for free? It creates a slew of other items without a doubt. Additionally, a great app built especially for MLBB fans is now available for free. It also has a lot of similarity to Zolaxis patcher. Consider what happens when you’re confronted with a plethora of high-end items. In fact, the player achieves an unstoppable victory in Mobile Legends by defeating every other player.

NIX Injector apk is also available, and all of its components are sincere supporters of your cause. We’re positive because we’ve seen the growing popularity of these mod applications. Further, even beginners can be able to survive in this multiplayer war.

Popular hacks in NIX Injector apk

Unlock Effects

It outperforms our hopes, surprising the ML players in the following way.

  • Enjoy 12 Recall Results, including M1 Glory, Christmas, and Zodiac, until you activate Recall.
  • Elimination: In addition, you will get 11 Elimination, including K.O, Zing, RIP, and others.
  • Respawn: Unlock 10 respawn, including Descent and M1 Evos.

Drone view

Similarly, profit from a drone that can be customised up to 6 times. It’s also fully compliant with both Celestial and Western.


Three classes stand apart in this regard.

  • Lobbying is the process of persuading others to
  • There are also some free history views for in the context.
  • Profile/Characteristics
  • Finally, there are 9+ options to brighten the day.
  • The screen is loading.
  • Listen to free background music from Fearless, Blue Bird, and other artists.

Skin Unlock

Additionally, after doing something, 356 of the 446 official ML skins are in the approach. It’s really remarkable. You should, however, verify this statement after using the injector. It also features all of the key classes, including Marksman, Sniper, Warrior, Sorcerer, Tank, and Support.

Battle Effects

So, if you think the N.i.X Injector apk’s features have ended, you’re wrong and examine the projectiles below.

  • Unlock Emote: Unlock ten emotes, including “I’m Scary,” “RRQ Hoshi,” and more.
  • Also, Unlock Map: There are ten maps available, including Imperial Sanctuary, Western Location, Celestial Palace, and Magic Chess and It has high-quality graphics.
  • Analog Unlock: 10 Analogs are now available.


  • Fix the bug with the stuck phone, pink map, and tower.
  • Also, without putting in some effort, you may obtain hundreds of ML skins for each character.
  • It’s both online and easy to use.
  • The user interface is in a dim mode.
  • Furthermore, it is brand new and compliant with the most recent edition of MLBB.
  • Additionally, It is limited and there are no difficulties in acquiring it.
  • There are no advertisements in this app.

Password of NIX Injector app

The latest version is password-free, so you can use this amazing version of NIX injector without any password.


So, believe it or not, there hasn’t been a more celestial or all-in-one MLBB mod tool. The true meanings of NIX Injector apk, on the other hand, are comprehensive. A wise player will also never forget such a piece of art. So, take advantage of this chance to become the champion as soon as possible.