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  Current Version  v. 3.8
  File Size  6.8 MB
  Updated On  May 4, 2021
  Requires android  5.0 and up
  File Name  xZon-Drone-v3.8.apk

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xZon Drone apk

Hello, everybody! We hope you’re enjoying Mobile Legends Bang Bang to the fullest. Thanks to our provided services, such as AlphaBox 2021, Game VIP, and others, many desperate players are seeking happiness. So, they’re now winning matches solely on the basis of their skills and the mod app. This time, we’re using the xZon Drone for MLBB.

Furthermore, it only serves one purpose to amuse fans by providing drone view cheats for them to use. You not only build your fighting strategy, but you also choose the objects that will obstruct your path. To put it another way, covering more ground gives you an advantage.

Aside from that, xZon Drone comes with a password that you must obtain before downloading the file. As a result, if you forget it, you won’t be allowed to view or use the programmed. So, scroll down to find the hidden code that will unlock the game.

xZon Drone apk

Why xZon Drone app?

Furthermore, from X2 to X8, xZon Drone can smoothly inject a drone vision. In addition, a single press will inject all four kinds of drones. As a consequence, it is not only a helpful but also a user-friendly tool. Similarly, If you want to see more of the ML battlefields and gain more experience? So, If that’s the case, this application can serve as a useful reference.

Additionally, this essay will include a short summary. So, if you’re interested in manipulating the game, get in contact with us and what are the benefits of using this tool, as well? We’ll explain it to you. So, in a battle, the more things you can see, the larger your view becomes. In the match, you can put this point to the test.


  • You can choose between the X2, X4, X6, and X8 drone cameras.
  • There’s no need to import the game separately because it’s playable right inside the app.
  • It’s also a free app that lets you select from a range of MLBB drone cameras.
  • As a result, Zonic TV’s lovely production is both polite and welcoming.
  • It then advises you to use MarJoTech PH and other skin-opening items.
  • Any of these locations are easily accessible.
  • Furthermore, a cheat that has been injected into the game can be deleted at any time during the game.
  • Here you’ll find an easy-to-use interface, no need to sign up for something, and a slew of other benefits.

How to use xZon Drone?

  • To get the app, go to the successful download page first.
  • Then, on Android OS, upgrade it to get MLBB cheats.
  • Enter the password “drone” to access the menu.
  • Then open it up and pick one of four drone views.
  • Finally, click the INJECT button in front of each drone hack.
  • To begin the game, look for the MLBB icon in the right bottom corner and click it. You will undoubtedly profit from the infused drone camera.

xZon Drone Password

The password for the most recent iteration of xZon Drone is:

Password: drone


Finally, This topic emphasises the importance of a wide-angle drone view. At any point during the game, you may have been obligated to do so. xZon Drone is a free way to get it on your Android phone because the game does not encourage you to use various drone cameras. Finally, by using these features, you will be able to reach your ultimate goal sooner or later. Indeed, More related presents can be found on our website.